Some lifters do, some lifters don’t! I DO!!! I’m guessing that you do too. As a “Good Music Hunter” I’m always searching for new music, shit that doesn’t fit the norm. Surfing genre’s on a yoga mat of discovery. lol Okay, enough of all the bullshit! If you like music and like me, get stuck sometimes; this blog is for you to find some new additions to your playlists. Talking about playlists, I’ve even went to the trouble of creating some playlists for you. If these don’t take your fancy then simply exploring the MyoMusic Blog will have all kinds of linked content from Soundcloud to Youtube, hopefully inspiring and motivating you to keep on keeping on! #KOKO Just click the image below.

MyoMusic Blog


Below is a list of playlists I think are super fucking awesome! Only problem is that I use Apple Music… If you have Apple Music then you’re in luck. If not… Sorry! This took ages to make all these playlists on Apple Music and to be honest, it’s the most efficient way of me sharing these musical beauties. Ranging from brutal 1 rep max beast mode, to chilled recovery vibes. A family account on Apple Music costs £14.99 per month. This can be shared between 4 family members, friends or housemates, cheap as chips; literally. Not only this, but there’s a 3-month trial for new members… That’s 3 months of not paying for Spotify… Can’t complain really. Soooo Ready to listen? Awesome, I’ll shutup and you can simply click an image of a playlist below to get started. You’re Welcome 🙂

Drum & Bass - Absoloute FilthHIIT Bangers 3Chill (Recovery) TimeHipHop - Rap The Gutter MixBrighton Tsunami Hype MixPre Drinks


Artists who I think are killing it right now or have killed it consistently enough to be a “must have” artist on the iPod. OCD would love me to arrange these into genres, but “ain’t nobody got time for dat!” I hope you understand. 😛

p03985fp Mahalia
 Mura Masa  JP Cooper  Mabel  Mahalia