About Me

Well, hello there! Let’s get straight into it. I’m no-one and someone at the same time, I judge people all the time, I have an ego, we all do; stop f**king lying! I swear a lot, I’m trying not to swear a lot,  it’s not going that well. I ramble and create elaborate analogies to explain myself, I’m an ex-offender, I lie sometimes, I don’t eat meat, I can probably run faster than you, I’m scared of spiders, I’ve been to prison, I’ve played Glastonbury Festival and Buckingham Palace, I was once awarded the Princes Trust “young achiever of the year” award, did I mention I lie sometimes? I can’t stand the concept of using banter as a coverup for bullying, I play American Football to release my anger built up from not punching people in the face! This includes racist, homophobic, sexist, passive-aggressive bullies who make fun of people with health or mental issues, (I could go on). I used to get have moobs, then I didn’t, now I do!

I’m a sensitive, caring and healthily sceptical guy, I genuinely give a shit about people and the world I live in (unless you meet the aforementioned “cock womble” criteria.) This blog has been a long time in the making and only recently, since coming out about my mental health struggles with anxiety, I’ve decided to go all in. What else… Stop being such a nosey parker read the f**king posts. 😛

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