About Oly?

“Health and Fitness is my passion in life! I want to give back to this unique community with motivation, ambition & interaction with the very same people who inspired me. I want to help people believe that change IS possible. Helping them to get out and feel better about themselves.

As a Police Officer, I like to think I can make a real difference in people’s lives. This is also reflected in my enthusiasm for fitness. Fitness CAN and DOES change lives. I’m personally driven by being a part of that change. I love goal setting! I’m so proud of myself to have completed fitness events such as (Muddy Race’s) Tough Guy Challenge, (Mens Health) Survival of the Fittest and my fair share of Marathons. I turned my garage into my own gym and take pleasure in hitting this very hard!

I enjoy nothing better than intense training sessions where I can let all my worries go and sculpt the body and future I want. Like you, I’m on my own personal fitness journey. I want to get the Maximum Potential out of myself. NOTHING LESS!

Fitness is a never-ending journey. I have made many mistakes along the way, but I never give up and don’t want you to either. That’s why I’m here! To motivate but also, to be motivated.”

What the future holds?

Oly has already made some amazing personal progress. After a lot of hard work and effort Oly has chosen to enlist the help of a renowned fitness coach/trainer in order to take his fitness career to new heights resulting in becoming a fitness model and taking part in Regional and National competitions. As a part of  ‘TeamMyo’ his skill set is immense and is a knowledgable dude when it comes to getting results, Oly is also a blogger for MyoAesthetics. You can ready his posts RIGHT HERE!

More about Oly?

Find out more about Oly and his transformation story in his own words RIGHT HERE!


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