About MyoAesthetics?

Let me start with a passage from some awesome dude…

“Most people just try to get through the day, never writing anything down, never keeping track of the progress along the way. Never really knowing if they’re doing all they can to reach their goals; to drive their ambition. Gifted people learn to get something from the day, they don’t let the day end without picking up some valuable experience, some emotional content; some idea that may positively affect their future.

To get the most from a day, to learn the most from a day, you need to be able to reflect on the day. How can you reflect on a day unless you record it in history.”  Written by – Some awesome unknown dude. 

I’m just a dude, a dude with a dream. A dream to create a community of people from all walks of life in a unified hub to empower, educate and motivate all who have an interest in leading healthier and happier lives.

At a grass-root level there are so many people in my local community that would benefit from becoming healthier. I totally understand this can seem like a massive jump. Let’s have it right… No one is fond of change! But I’m hoping that this blog, this hub, this community can be the catalyst for new mums to get gain the confidence to get out there and train, to convince 76 year old Albert that he’s not too old to start small home workouts which will provide him with better movement, heart function and all round better health; to enable him play in the park with his grand-children, a place for the young people getting into trouble with the law to focus their energies on something positive.

Fitness is not all physical and young people need to be challenged, invited to take part in something bigger than themselves, learn to work as a team and also how to work alone; committing to something bigger than themselves, leaning more about themselves and not what’s happening on road! The results don’t lie, there’s no easy road to fitness! IT’S ALL HARDWORK!!! But; That has it’s benefits too. i.e patience, determination, passion, communication, punctuality, creativity are just a small handful in a large pile of attributes to be gained from the challenge of getting fit and adopting a healthier lifestyle.

This isn’t a business for me… This is a movement!!! A chance to create positive change in my community and wider areas. Who knows… Maybe the world. We don’t think small here, It’s just not our my make-up. I can think it, I can see it; so I can create it. 😛
Since starting I have met so many cool, inspiring, dedicated, motivated, passionate people. Thanks to all of you for your part in making this journey enjoyable and motivational along the way. Much love to all you our Twitter lovelies who fuelled the progression so far, these same people have inspired me to follow a career in fitness.

What’s crazy is that I first wrote this 2 years ago… Since then I’ve completed a Fitness Instructor Course with LCBT, an Access to Higher Education course in Sport Science at Kensington and Chelsea College and now just about to finish my first year at the University of Brighton, studying Sport and Exercise Science (BSc). My nan was still alive when I wrote this. Damn! 🙁 She is my reason. Anyhow, I digress…

Here you will find a constantly evolving/growing wealth of information from my studies, as well as our growing ‘Blog Contributors’ which you can take into consideration for your own journey. Nutrition information from what I learn along the way and personally undertake, also other external stuff that I think rocks! Totally free workout music downloads for your iPods, training info from some awe-inspiring athletes, motivational bits and bobs to keep the focus on point, reviews and all sorts of good stuff. Also a way to Contact Me if you have any specific questions. “If I don’t know personally I/we can link you to some help that will”.

PLEASE NOTE: I’m not yet qualified to give ‘Clinical Advice’, so any information on this blog is strictly my thoughts and experiences. I cannot and will not be held responsible if you injure yourself or anyone else as a result. That’s your choice. Don’t be a dick!

Let’s finish with a video: 😀 Why the hell not! This is my iPhone mantra, among others. But one this is definitely my favourite! 😛

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you find this blog useful. It would be really nice to hear from you if you have found anything that helped your own journey from chunk to funk!