Back to Square One (Not a Bad Thing)

So after much thought, I’ve decided to split nymph blog from my business as it just wasn’t working. I have a new business called which is looking dope. But, I have no where to share my journey anymore. This blog started off as somewhere to track my life for myself, set goals and document the journey. It became business, then wasn’t used. Not cool 😦 So, back to square one, a cool square one.

Not going to recap, that’s long. Just going straight in like I never left:

Retaking 2nd year of uni after breaking leg and feeling good. Had pre-season scrimmage yesterday and made some cool plays. Naturally, still things to work on but it’s a step in the right direction. Was dope to get some plays on camera:

Was so tired yesterday but found a second wind and managed to sort out the new office furniture with Laurie, looking good.

My morning ritual of toastadas and ceremonial green tea! Check out The Green Tea Artisan. He has the best grade I’ve ever tried!

Off to uni, missed a couple of weeks due to bad back :/ The catch up game is real though so no drama llama.

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