Physiotherapy – Session One

Due to a silly move by myself trying to spin a dude in a training session for my football team I managed to pull a muscle/ligament in my lower back supporting the inferior articular facets of my L5 vertebrae (to be precise). image1 2Nothing major, it was about a month ago so the healing has been taking place already but I’ve still got a bit of a twinge. The physio believes this to be the ‘Intertransversari Lumborum Mediales (Left)’ image1 23still preparing and stiff due to scar tissue which needs to be warmed up and stretched out. This kinda makes sense because I’m not flexible AT ALL! and never really have a good stretch out pre or post workout. That’s going to change from today!!!

As my first physio session it was helpful, I liked it. It was a little awkward getting pushed and pulled about half-naked but once I got over that, it was all good. I definitely need to do something because I need his pain to go for my training and university course. Good thing is, these techniques given by the physio seem to work and ease the pain. Off to boss my uni assignments now 😛 Over and out, until next time.

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