Running Back – Agility Training

There are different types of running backs, of course. It’s important to train on your weaknesses, but just as important to train on your strengths; only you and your coach know what they are so take this with a pinch of salt as this is just what I do.

Christian Okoye will train differently to Marcus Allen, no doubt. I’m comparable to neither, I’m neither big, nor powerful enough to be a complete “North & South” runner like Okoye, or agile enough to be a lateral god like Allen. But, I have to train for both and see what comes from it as I’m a double rookie and finding my style still. This training is for agility, so more in line with the “Marcus Allen” type of athlete, by having amazing footwork and lateral movement in his arsenal he was able to literally devastate the defensive backfield. Check other posts for training for running back power.

Exercise List:

  1. No idea what it’s called, so I’m going to name it “In & Out Carioca’s”. – x1
  2. Repeated Short Sprints – (with weighted resistance). – x10
  3. Regular In & Outs. – x1
  4. In & Out Carioca’s again. – x1
  5. Static Ball Throws – x20
  6. Vertical Jump – x10

This is a HIIT Circuit. So you should be repeating this 10 times, with a 30 second break between bouts.


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