Sussex Thunder – Training Camp (Day 1)

tc (3 of 3)Loving the new dynamic at this team. Having never played any football prior to joining Brighton Tsunami for the university season, I’m like a double rookie. lol Our running back coach is serious business too! I’m running my arse off trying to keep up with the pace but the my body will adjust. No doubt it’ll change then too lol. I laugh, but that’s what’s needed; fair p
ay to him for that.

Finding it hard to install these new plays into the skull but happy that the base knowledge  learned at Tsunami laid the foundations, it makes learning the plays a lot easier. I was asked about a number to train in but mine was already taken… SHIT! No drama, I found 69 though lol Why not? Kyle Hemsley was there with the camera again. Always making me look better than I am on camera 😛 Check out his other pics here if you’re into that photography jam.

Not much more to say on today really, the lads are cool and help me a tc (1 of 3)lot; that’s pretty dope. Back and chest injuries are playing up but nothing major, made a few plays with a lot of hints and tips to bolster on but that’s what I’m here for. Trial by fire! Over and out (pssshhh).

To be continued… Day 2 tomorrow! Another 5 hours of brutality!

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