Bigger, Stronger, Better

How do you explain passion? For me, it’s the adrenaline that crawls and streams inside your body, that sensation that turns and twists your stomach inside out.  For me, that’s the sign of passion. When something really means something to you. When you let your friends down because you can’t go out for that ‘one drink’. The early starts and the late finishes, the constant heavy eyes and tiredness that surrounds your body. The cold weather that smacks your face when you close the door to start that long day. Hour upon hour of training to make sure you’re that one step ahead. The long days spent in traffic, IMG_3287surrounded by cars on the never ending motorway. The pat on the back when things go right but mostly the blood, tears and the arguments when it all goes wrong. The hundreds of people who are all aiming for the same goal but only one will reach it. The smell of sweat, hard work and determination is what strives you to continue. The sound of the galloping hooves that tear up the ground as you leave the start box and the echo of what’s about to come in the distance. That feeling when the horses stomach presses underneath your boot with every inhaled breath and stride. The sound of the air being returned and the high pitched ear straining whistle to warn the wide-eyed spectators that you are coming.

IMG_3279Every fence is a different question, a puzzle that needs to be completed in a matter of a few eye blinking seconds.  The teamwork that is required, the trust and the understanding of one another’s choice. The ability to be able to communicate with something that can’t talk back, but still is able to feel and understand what you’re asking them to do. That unspoken word which is created through just a touch and a thought. The sensation of achievement, when you touch down on the other side of yet another fence. The cheer from the crowd and the pat on that sweaty foamed neck, and the twitch
of the horse’s ear as they feel your sense of success. The swish of the tale as you IMG_3286kick on, glancing down to check your time ticking watch, making you drive to push on to the next fence.  The finish line draws closer and the final power stride and push, when you give it your all, everything that is scrapped from what energy you have left. The uplifting punching the air sensation when you have completed and that final clinging hug of your companion and the loud praise you shout so everyone can hear.  The heartbeat banging on your chest and the adrenaline rush which makes your hands and tone of voice shake.

As soon as you have completed it all starts again, the over analysing of what you could have done better, the days and hours spent reliving your 6-minute round. The careful planning, the money spent, the sleepless nights and the teamwork needed pushing you both to be…

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