UFC 196 – Mothers Day Madness

OH MY GOD! This is what I love about UFC… It’s anyone game on the night. Giants have fallen but with respect, I might add. One put up more of a fight when faced with the ground onslaught but both stumbled.


Let’s start with Holly Holm vs Miesha Tate. Right off the bat Holm dominated the centre of the octagon with her reaching jabs, the right jab looked like too much for Tate; then came the ground in the 2nd round. Tate times an over reaching jab from Holm to perfection, ducking under and grappling Holm; taking the war to the ground for the remainder of the round. 4392Holm took some devastating elbows to the neck and blows to the head in these 2-3 mins of hell. As a previous boxing champ, Holm is dangerous and at home on her feet. Talking about those feet; she adapted well to the UFC’s use of lower body attacks as shown with the brutal knock-out of Rhonda Rousey to win the UFC title, but her ground work needs more attention. She managed to hold on through a good few attempts by Tate to clinch the early submission, I’m sure Rousey would have been kicking herself seeing how Holy held up on the ground, being a natural grappler herself.

2694Holm was great for the match I thought, she fought well and gave it 100% of all she had, you could see that! Respect to her for that, but Tate; Tate was too much for Holm on the ground and overcame Holm’s defences to force a rather scary looking submission. The ref did not seem to see Holms tap out, which led to Holm literally being rocked to sleep by the bear like grappling Tate. A very entertaining match to watch from both the champion and challenger, I wonder if this will mean a rematch for Rousey to get some payback before heading back for the top again.. I’m sure Holm’s squad will be getting Holly all the help she need for her ground work. Holm is still the girl for me, once she gets this, she’ll be a complete fighter and will dominate this division I think… We shall see.


Bloody and brutal, McGregor went in from the start, repeated his seemingly ritualistic martial arts taunting style staying low to the ground in defiance to showing his opponent any respect at all. During the ref talk, McGregor shouted and taunted Diaz continually until they met and threw some blows.

Conor McGregor, left, trades punches with Nate Diaz during their UFC 196 welterweight mixed martial arts match, Saturday, March 5, 2016, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Eric Jamison)

From the get go McGregor was throwing some bombs, most connecting also. His use of left uppercut was proving a menace to Diaz, that cracker of  left hand split Diaz’s right eyebrow a treat; safe to say Diaz has a lot of blood.

Now, Diaz… The target of McGregor’s flaming rage… He took this fight on two weeks notice and this was clear, his conditioning was shocking in comparison to McGregor. He started off so slow and was taking so serious hits from McGregor! Diaz seemed to start taunting McGregor, slapping him instead of hitting him. I can only imagine that Diaz was taunting about the speed McGregor was boasting about, this declined very quickly once McGregor took some bigger hits. Diaz most definitely took it to McGregor after catching him with a combo ending imagewith a left to the jaw of McGregor. There was a subtle difference in McGregor which I didn’t see until the replay, as he was still trying to hold the middle of the octagon like he had been almost all the match. After this hit, his eyes went and Diaz took full advantage pouncing on him with blow after blow! 3420McGregor, for some reason unknown to the world chose to take it to the ground. I can only think he wanted to take the submission more than a knockout! As expected Diaz overpowered McGregor and opened up on the ground and pound then went for the submission. McGregor tapped out pretty quick from the looks of things, this makes me think he went down to take a submission because he knew he was going to get knocked out. McGregor is a GettyImages-513971506good risk calculator and knows the game well, a knockout would’ve hurt his image more than a submission. Smart guy, but wish he would have fought a little more like Holly Holm. Safe to say he just wasn’t ready for the ground and exhausted his energy far too quick. Maybe this was complacency from the timing of the Aldo fight? Who knows.

Post game, I was really happy to see Diaz was happy and threw a few digs at McGregor; but nothing too harsh. Respect for that! Also, McGregor was extremely humble about the loss and congratulated Diaz on his win. This was also done all day on social media, I didn’t expect that… Although I like McGregor’s fighting style, I always wondered about his conference bravado as being a show for the people. Safe to say that he is a bit of a prick in that sense, but after today, well; he was a true gentleman about it. A warrior!


Conclusion: UFC 196… FUCKING EPIC!


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