Brighton Tsunami -vs- Sussex Saxons

MAN! Where do I start!!!

So our last meeting with our rivals Sussex Saxons was not a happy experience. Personally as my first game, after a four-week fast track introduction into American Football; I never played well at all. As a team, we had eight fumbles and so many silly penalties from missed snap counts, to illegal formation penalties. We got obliterated (20-0)! But coach told us and was very clear that we didn’t lose because of them being the better team… “You lost because you beat yourselves.” he told us.

After a decisive win again Cambridge last week, and today’s result; I totally understand what coach was talking about. We also received some national coverage, which was awesome to be mentioned but pretty frustrating to be seen as an inferior offensive unit. I guess anyone looking outside wouldn’t have been able to see the potential as the results were all they had to go by. I’d like to think that we’ve answered that with our last two performances though; not only did we beat Sussex, but we achieved +21 on the scoreboard which replaces Tsunami with Sussex at the top of our division. It was a huge result by the entire squad.

Team Tsunami have achieved something today; I achieved something today. I’m proud to be a part of this unit and excited to see what happens in the playoffs. Massive respect to all coaches and teammates, we’re only as strong as our weakest link and today we were a unified link! Coaches, players and sideline.

I would love to stay and write some more but I’m off to celebrate with the team and watch SuperBowl 50!!!!!

Nan, you would have been proud today… πŸ˜€

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