Morning Pick Me Up Juice

 “Ever tasted pure #happiness?” During my time on Holiday in Castillo De Locubìn, Spain. I was inspired to try something new; Olive Oil! The secret to an average life expectancy of 81.4 years. This makes me happy. So, I ask again… “Have you ever tasted happiness?”

Yes…” No you haven’t.
No…” Okay you twisted my arm; I’ll share the recipe.

Ingredients Needed:

• 2 #Apples
• 2 Big handfuls of #Spinach
• 1.5 inch ring of #Pineapple
• 1 Cucumber
• 3 secs pour of #ExtraVirgin #OliveOil
• Ice

Equipment Needed:
• #Blender
• #Juicer

1) #Juice all #Fruits and #Vegetables.
2) Pour juice to blender.
3) Add ice and olive oil to blender.
4) Blend, and pour to serve.

Serving size = 4 People

NOTE: At the Stage (3), you can add an #Avocado to thicken up the juice and add a creamy texture. Also; you can either add #Kale, or substitute it for the Spinach depending on your green taste needs.

I used to drink coffee in the morning, but I implore you to try this, and see what gives you more energy after 2 weeks of replacing with coffee.

“Cheers”👌🏼 Over and out bean sprouts! 👊🏼

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