Progress Update: 10th June 2015


I always enjoy creating these updates, progress is exciting right. So there’s been a few things I’ve been working on pretty much at the same time: Explosive movements, Calisthenics including the Muscle up, L-Sit, Planche etc. The 90หš Handstand Press Up is just brutal but I’m giving it my best shot. It will come!

I think it would be best to add a gym review separate to this post but, I just have to add that Withdene Sports Complex, is a great health centre, but it’s exactly that! Underground Gym, is a gym for people who lift heavy, know what they’re about, and have nothing to prove. Saul, the owner is just awesome. He was the first to welcome me personally on my trail day, it’s nice to be nice right. Health clubs tend to be a bit shirty when it comes to small details, like having a bag with you. :/ Go figure. The people are generally the same, not all. But a big majority… Big judgement I know, but it’s just what I’ve found personally. Anyhow, I digress. I’ll link the full review when I create it.

So, Here’s another instalment of my progress. Mad love to all the people who have been following me on Twitter and Instagram. You know who you are, we’re all gonna get there together, one step at a time. #KOKO

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