The Man Maker: Strength & Conditioning Circuit


This workout is designed from those wanting to:
a) Increase cardiovascular ability.
b) Increase strength.
c) Burn some serious calories.
d) Cut away some body fat.
e) Add something new to their plan, and challenge themselves.

The 5×5 base of this workout is chasing those neutral strength gains, coupled with metabolic hypertrophic gains. To enable some high-threshold motor units to start working, you’re going to need to push some seriously heavy weight.

But this isn’t just one lift. This is a combination of 2 big lifts, and a supplementation back lift, as well as a metabolic increasing 500m sprint style row. For this reason, I would suggest going for 60% of your 1RM for all lifts, except for the pull-up. Play that one by ear. If you find this isn’t enough weight for you, see out the circuit, then reconsider. If it’s still not enough weight, then add more next time. but I’m pretty sure it’ll be enough.

I’ve added a link for you crazy cats to work out the 60% of your one rep max. These guys at ExRx.Net know their stuff and have some other great resources for you to sink your teeth into.

As always, be safe, be lucky, and keep on keeping on #KOKO.

My stats for this workout:
Squats (140kg)
DeadLift (140kg)
Pull-up (20kg)
Row (500m) No average time given. (Next Time)
Overall time taken: (N/A, will get next time)

I’d love to hear what you guys and girls are doing for yours. Please share in the comments section below if your proud of your achievements. Might even run a little comp for this one in the near future.


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