It’s All Getting Real

Ehhhhhh! Little bit of shower cap love going on there. Ab’s are showing for some reason…? Been eating so bloody much out of plan πŸ˜• lol Feels like ages since I’ve wrote a blog post! Well… It has been. College is getting tasty, last term jam packed with assignments, controlled assessments, essays, case studies, research papers and everything there and in between. 

Recently had a move to Brighton, been speaking with a lovely lady for a while now. Taking the next step and all that jazz πŸ˜› She’s a great girl to be fair, I’m definitely a lucky fella. Brighton Uni may be on the cards too, loads of cool stuff coming up. New job move to something a bit more relevant to my area of study, I won’t tell all now but will update when I find out πŸ˜‰. 

I’ve most definitely been neglecting my poor blog, but been compiling loads of informative posts for it. Loads to come on nutrition, workout plans, programs, techniques and discussions. All interesting stuff 😝 Let’s see if I can get in a diary entry tomorrow. Start as you mean to go on and all that jazz. This is what the diary is for after all. 

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