Diary Entry – 22/02/2015 (Injury)

Just when the gains come rolling in. Disaster! Pulled my lower back doing shrugs. I have a great little process with shrugs that seem to get great results for me.
– Heavy 15/Failure reps,
– Medium 20/Failure reps,
– Light 50/Failure reps,

Today’s workout was:
– 240kg 15Reps
– 100kg 20Reps
– 40kg (Held Plates) 50Reps

Third set, I dropped the ball.
When repping the heavy set, on my 5th rep, I lost concentration and stopped engaging my core and boom! I’m pretty sure it’s a ligament as in previous occurrences, the pain was still sudden but the way it felt was different. It was more of an instant pop, or slip of something. There was no sound to be heard but man; the pain has gradually gone from bad to worse.

So gutted, as I know the only way to treat this kind of injury is with time off and light stretching, but I can’t be dealing with that for too long. I will be researching to create a plan over the next few days resting, on a core rehab kinda training program. This has happened a few times in the past and always taken brutally long to repair, but working on other body parts was possible; will some difficulty.
The pain seemed to fade once stretched and loosed up but I can tell, tomorrow morning isn’t going to be pretty. Not pretty at all!

So, ibuprofen is my new best friend for the next few weeks. Let the recovery begin.

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