Progress Update – Bulking Bad

So, it’s been a while since training. 3 months to be precise! Work, and studying kind of mounted up and I got off the wagon for a while to focus on my course. Pretty buzzing as I’ve got a few conditional offers from some great universities, but really; I needed to start training again.

FullSizeRenderAbout 3 months ago, I was 94kg and pretty lean. The diet was in check and found my macro balance pretty well. Training without carbs was a bit of a downer but the results were promising. One thing I noticed is that gaining lean muscle takes A LONG TIME! So I’ve decided, while the weather is rubbish I’m going to sacrifice the abs for some mass gaining.
From shredding the body fat in past training programs, I feel pretty confident that I have at least 6 weeks to rip down to at least 8/10% body fat. I think that’s possible. 644315_175209229334793_1910350167_n

My due date is my birthday. 5th July. It’s a big one too as I will be 30 😛 God damn it, the time goes fast. That means I have until May 24th to put on the most muscle possible. Three months of bulking bad!

Current Stats:

IMG_9371Weight: 88kg / 194lbs
BMI: 25.7 (Overweight) Sweet!
Recommended Calorie Intake: 2236-2874
BMI and RCI calculated via NHS Calculator
Hips: 40″
Waist: 36″
Chest: 40″
Shoulders: 49″
Neck: 16.5″
Quads: 24″
Calves: 14.5″
Biceps: 13.5″
Forearms: 12.2″
VO2 Max: TBC

I’m still creating my workout and nutrition program. I’ve tried a few things out and liking a few thus far, the only addition now is a ‘shoulders’ and ‘core workout’. The nutrition plan seems to be working for me so far. Next post, I will share the plan and hopefully have some 1 rep max stats to add.

That’s about it for now. Any questions, send me a message. I always have time to reply and answer any queries.

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