2015 – Beard Challenge!

Soooo, the time of festive deviations of macros, half arsed new years resolutions, and January’s gym capacity overflow is upon us. (At least February will be ok) Anyhow, I digress…

I have put a lot of thought into this new years resolution, and opted for the challenge of lumberjack facial manliness. 4608484006The alpha male, tool box wielding, spear throwing caveman dinosaur catcher. This resolution is of gargantuan proportions and not to be trifled with. (I’m pretty sure God said that in the bible… Or was it Abraham Lincon). No… They BOTH SAID IT! This challenge is about everything related to the laborious growth of ones manhood. Not to be confused with distal naval regions but rather proximal attentions to the face!

BEHOLD! THE 2015 – Entire Years Growth BEARD CHALLENGE! (Voice of God)

What this means to you?
Well, firstly; One gets to admire the growth, but more importantly, I have planned to create tutorials on everything beard related. From home made beard oil remedies to elevate the bane of new growers, “The ITCH” to other frustrations to the hairy gentleman, like:

  • Beard trimmer adviceKhal-Drogo
  • Finding the right style
  • Picking the right length
  • Creating a manageable routine
  • Beard cleaning
  • Styling your longer beard
  • Homemade oils and balms.
  • Beard ornaments? “Yes they are real!” i.e Christmas lights

Chuck-Norris-beard-03I will document my journey with weekly (Sundays) updates about my progress and advice regarding my trails and tribulations. SO! Time to make the most of my baby bottom skin for 2014, as I prepare to grow the legendary  oak foliage on my FACE! Known in mere mortal terms as…  THE BEARD! (God Voice)

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