Blog Entry: Let’s start from #100 lol

Hey guys,

I was at work thinking today about the whole plan , the goal etc and at some point seemed to have deviated from my original plan of blogging about my experience. Nowhere along the line it all go professional and strict. Forget that, I never wanted that. This was always a resource to
help motivate me and document my progress.
So here I am, writing about my awesome day ๐Ÿ˜› It’s been a long one.

IMG_7478Started a new goal which means 5am starts to prep my smoothies for the day. Sounds like it could be brutal but after a few weeks it’s actually ok. Watching the news at 5am is kinda weiIMG_7476rd but enjoy hearing the world news. Completely different to other news which freaked me out a bit.
Anyhow, smoothies didn’t take long and breakfast is super awesome. I’m pretty sure my pee smells like peanut butter! Im convinced of it.

Saw a couple of quality quotes this morning on my daily hunt for morning wisdom to keep the engines firing on all cylinders. Recipes going to be added when I get time.

IMG_7471Totally loved this one, I’m a stickler for this. I hate being wrong like the just like the next guy but fearing it brings nothing but collateral damage. So hence the ‘naked post’ lol


I have decided to not post so much on my Facebook :/ To be fair, I don’t think people give a shit about my fitness goals so i will leave my thoughts for here where no one feels obliged to read my random blurbs and ranks. lmao

Gym was funny. 7am and no one there. Well except about 3 dudes. Here’s a video.ย  Just a chest session. Nothing major but it felt good to be getting it in early rather than later. I think i’ll stick to this morning routine. Liking it.


Was soo happy to get home and see my research waiting for me right at my desk . Really loving the course. It’s very challenging but insanely cool. Can’t wait for uni.

So, thats about my day. Yes I feel goodย for writing it. I will leave you with this pic i also saw today that stood out for me. GET HAPPY! ๐Ÿ˜› Get strong. Have a great one ๐Ÿ˜›





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