7 Metabolism Boosting Foods


In this day and age, we are always looking for the best and healthiest way to lose weight, get fit and feel great! There are so many diets out there, and contradictory ideas from these for many of us, it quite simply is a minefield of information and only serves to confuse rather than get the results we want. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to eat foods that actually help us burn more calories, fight fat from the inside, and get the dream body we are after?! Well there is!  Metabolism boosting foods are all around us, just waiting to be chosen by you!

What are Metabolism boosting foods?

Well you may already be aware, but our body burns calories every day, and on the most basic level, it’s our metabolism which dictates what our body converts the food and drink we intake into. Either food is burned for fuel or stored as the fat that we all want gone.

Your metabolism never stops either; it goes all day and all night, and the more efficient it is the greater effect it has on burning up those calories and reducing fat stores – even whilst you are sleeping. So, thinking of your body like a car, the greater quality of fuel we provide, the better the engine! Believe it or not, there are foods out there we can eat everyday which can speed up our metabolism and increase the fat burning within us. That’s right! Meaning without exercise, without certain diets which may cause more hunger then weight loss, simply choosing certain foods can make your body a fat burning machine! Great news!

The next step is learning what they are? Some of you may now be thinking, ‘this sounds great but what’s the catch’ or that the list is full of foods all needing specialist orders which cost £££ NO – they are nowhere near as complex as you may think!! These foods I’m going to show you are available for everyone, every day, with very little, if no cost, or simply changing one food to another at your local supermarket.

So let’s take a look at them and what they can do for you:

Water – That’s right, it free, it’s easy and very few people drink it enough!  Water is not only crucial to our everyday health, waking up and taking in ice cold water  straight away begins the fat burning metabolism. Our body will always try to keep us at a certain temperature, so 2-3 glasses of ice cold water automatically helps our metabolism increase to up to 50% compensate for the sudden influx of cold water. Surely fat burning cannot be easier then that!?

Oatmeal – Another great start to the day, along with your ice cold water is Oatmeal. Again this is very cheap and packed full of fat burning health benefits. Oats are a fat soluble fibre which really helps in keeping you full and full of energy for the day. The insoluble and soluble fibres of this fat fighting food allow sugars to be released slower and bind fatty acids.

Fish Oils – Widely regarded as a great health addition with a whole host of benefits, fish oils are another one to have in our arsenal for increasing our metabolism into burning fat as well. This is due to the massively high amount of omega 3 they contain.

Green Tea – A very refreshing drink, cheap and easy to find, crammed full of health benefits. Not only is Green Tea full of antioxidants, a great mood enhancer and tastes delicious, it is one of the BEST fat burning drinks around. Have a cup or two a day and let it get you healthier!

Hot Spices – Hot spices are great, not only are they virtually calorie free, help create amazingly tasty food and come in all sorts of different flavours – they increase the metabolism!! This is due to the heat from them which causes the body to temporarily increase stress hormones that speed the metabolism up!

Lean Meats – Lean protein meats, choices like turkey, chicken and beef help run the metabolism at full speed. They all contain essential amino acids which in turn help increase energy expenditure and our metabolism. These meats are also all very high in protein, helping us build muscle end reduce fat.

Grapefruit – Many diets you will find will encourage the humble Grapefruit, and with good reason! This little beauty not only tastes great but helps speed up our metabolism and dissolve fat right off. A seriously good fruit to start the day with, or snack anytime.

Fish – As with Fish oil, certain fish like salmon, mackerel and Tuna have high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids. This promotes fat loss by boosting our metabolism and making you feel fuller longer. Plus fish is low in calories and is packed full of other benefits which make us reap huge health benefits!

Coffee – Whilst excessive coffee can have drawbacks and negative effects, a moderate consumption can do wonders. Due to the high caffeine content, coffee has a huge part to play in revving up our metabolism, as the stimulant naturally helps us burn more calories, just make sure you leave out the sugar and cream!

So there you have it. Get into the habit of making the right food choices regularly, and your body will function at its optimum, increasing your metabolism and burning the fat through morning, noon and night!

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