Deadly Deadlifts!


The topic of the day today is that exercise everyone loves to hate..the Deadlift!

I absolutely love this exercise, and will go on record to say it is my favourite!

Why? For me it represents the ultimate lift, just finding out how much weight you can pick up off the floor. Its not as pretty as the bench Press, it doesn’t give your arms an immediate pump like the bicep curl- but it builds massive Raw strength and puts your body through the ultimate strain and enables you to hit maximum weight like no other!!

2014-07-18 13.55.58Personally I have been able to build up my deadlift from a 90-100kg personal best to my current record at 225kg at a bodyweight of 77kg!

This has meant not only does it becoming an eye catching lift in the gym ( This weight normally out does a lot of the Big Bench guys- We all know them!) but I noticed my body got bigger and stronger in all my lifts! What a bonus.

Putting my body through plenty of Deadlift routines, I have found it gives a whole body workout like no other, and can quite easily tax your cardiovascular system like a fitness session does! This is due to the reason a Deadlift recruits almost every muscle in your body to bring the weight up.

So lets take a look at some of the best benefits the Deadlift can produce-

Core Strengthlifts-deadlift

One main benefit of deadlift is that it helps you develop insane core strength. Your abs are contacted throughout the whole movement, and the heavier you go- the stronger your abs have to be!! Seriously one of the best ways to help build the ‘6 pack’

Muscle Mass

Myoaesthetics stands for Muscle- Aesthetics, well if you want both these things the Deadlift is a must have exercise!!! The deadlift trains several main muscles at once. This exercise will work your finger to your neck down to toe and comprises the use of many muscles. A set of this exercise will activate your hamstrings, quads, glutes, lats, traps, spinal erectors, forearms and many more. No other workout will train many muscles efficiently as deadlift can do.


We all want to be stronger, faster, fitter than yesterday, thats why we train right? Well his exercise helps in the growth of your explosive strength. This is one of the benefits that deadlifts can provide to you.It will also transfer into all aspects of your fitness goals, you will be able to jump higher, run faster, throw farther and do your best in ALL aspects of life!

Hopefully this has given you motivation and determination to make sure deadlifts are in your routine!!

Myoasetheics is all about building a community where fitness, healthy lifestyle and passion is shared between everyone that wants to live a happier life. So please feel free to follow me on twitter @olytomlinson and ask me any questions you may have!

I will leave you with a rather disgusting, sickening Deadlift routine aptly named Death By Deadlifts should you wish try it- be warned This will push you to your limits!!

Take 70% of your one rep max2014-07-18 13.56.04
Do 10 reps
Have 45 seconds rest
Do 9 reps…
Continue this all the way until 1 rep is complete. The short rest and heavy weight will really start to push both your strength and cardio vascular systems!!

If you try this, please let me know how you get on!!!

All the best


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