Richie Parker – How Do You Get By?

THERE’S NOT REALLY MUCH ANYONE CAN ADD TO THIS VIDEO. IT WAS ONE OF THOSE THAT NEEDED TO BE SEEN AT THE TIME IT WAS SEEN! IT’S SURPRISING HOW MUCH THINGS ARE TAKEN FOR GRANTED! I understand how that can seem all mumbo jumbo “kumbaya” dance around the fire of life but for real. When you really break it down. What this man does EVERYDAY makes him not only admirable but i’d go far as to say that this dude is hero material.
Mother fuckers be complaining about their last set in the gym while this dude is driving a car with no arms! Designing world-class, top-tier technology components for a world title holding company. Meanwhile these fools can’t even push for the last set. Watch and learn boys and girls, watch and learn! Determination at it’s very definition.

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