Hopefully you enjoyed my last blog – Choices I hope it made an impact on helping you create a positive mindset. I want to follow that blog with the one major thought process that drives the choices we make and how well we do them – MOTIVATION.

Nability-is-limitlessow; This is a subject you could literally write a book about! (And there is many out there!) However; As this is my blog, I will give what I think are the absolute main points.

Motivation is a Mindset, a thought process that YOU create with your desires and dreams. Everyone has a dream and desire to be more, to get their full potential out of life and be more than they are now. And the thing is, it IS in all of us, to be more, to achieve those goals, and live a life you want is inside YOU. You just have to work out the motivation to release it.

Motivation is our thoughts encouraging us to complete a set task to what we want for the end goal. Motivation is not a real thing, it is brought to life inside your head, and can go just as quickly. However; this is all controlled by YOU. before-and-after-fitness-motivation-4The reason some people seem more motivated than others, is nothing to do with their physical state, it’s the fact that Motivation is literally being made alive inside their minds. This is what I believe, and my Motivation surrounds my thoughts EVERYDAY. When I wake up I am so motivated to making today the very best day I can. I know yesterday is done with, and tomorrow is out of my control for now, so my Motivation is to create the perfect day TODAY. Now whether that is with work, Fitness, Love, Nutrition or life I want to give 100% to everything. I find having Motivation for all aspects in life makes keeping my mindset in a complete Motivated state.

Now I have to be motivated for something right! And what motivates me is to live an extremely successful life and be happy in all I do. In Fitness I want to become a Fitness Model, to inspire others and be involved in this community, as my passion for this life is so strong. I am not Motivated by Money, I am a Police Officer, Not a Personal Trainer or Nutritionist. So I will not be asking for money from anyone. I purely want to surround myself with Fitness, as I strongly believe being healthy, living right, and having positive people speaking to me makes me a happier, better person.

20140523-071303-pm-69183680.jpgSo first I want you all to realise Motivation is a mindset, and once you think about what you want, and why your motivated to get there, you must keep hold of those thoughts, and when low times hit – and they do– bring that positive mindset back in as QUICKLY as possible, because it’s in YOUR head, and has been all along. you just need to CREATE IT and BRING… IT….BACK!

Once you have your Motivation, you need to find the best way to keep hold of it. For most people, it is be Goal setting. Once you have your ultimate goal, that desire in your head, generally you need to then work backwards. Because unless you are in a unique position, the ultimate goal is always a long-term process. And getting focused on this as the only target soon gets frustrating, and giving up is much easier when what you want seems such a long way off.

What you need to do is work backwards creating smaller goals, goals you can achieve in a shorter time frame, and that help keep you motivated. That’s because Results empower you, and the more goals you accomplish, the more confidence you get, and Motivation goes into overdrive!!

So for example, if Losing a certain amount of weight is your goal, say 5 stone, then that’s the ultimate goal which you should NEVER lose sight of.

All Progress Takes Place Out Of Your Comfort ZoneIt can seem an impossible task if that’s your only focus.
Bring the goals down, for example ‘In one Week I will lose 3 IBS’ and that’s your first main goal. To do that you can make your goals even smaller and say ‘Right to achieve a 3 IBS loss in a week, Each day I AM going to make a conscious effort to eat healthy and do 30 minutes exercise a day’
Then when the week is over, 3IBS is lost (maybe even more!) and you gain huge confidence in yourself and increase your motivation. So constant small goal setting, as small as each day, will massively keep you on track. Just ALWAYS remember your Ultimate Dream, and stay Motivated every day for it!

I hope this helps guys, these are just my thoughts on Motivation, and how it can only be brought to life by YOU, so set your goals, and get your motivation up and running TODAY!

Speak soon


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