Olyver Tomlinson – Transformation Interview


What is your fitness background?

I have trained in health and fitness for 7 years now.  I have completed four Tough Guy events, The first MK Marathon, two Mens health survival of the fittest and two half marathons. I continually mix this with Heavy weight training  and managed to take myself from a one rep max Deadlift on 110kg to 8 reps on 200kg and a current one rep max of 225 kgs at a body weight of 78 kgs.

I regularly take part in high intensity outdoor training for fitness and use FitMK boot camps to maximise the results. I find mixing outdoor fitness with heavy weight training gives me a real healthy mix of strength and fitness.

Before I joined the Police, I worked for two years as a Fitness Instructor, having studied and qualified due to my love of Fitness.

Why decide to transform your body?

Olyver Tomlinson 001Pre-training I was only around 9st 10lbs and had no real muscle definition or size.  I joined a gym and really got into the buzz of hitting new strengths and seeing my body change. I employed a personal trainer, built up my learning and really saw progression.  I made what is probably a common mistake for young men, and got into the habit of thinking bigger is better! I went from 9st 10lbs 10 to 13st 10lbs in the space of 2 years.
Although this felt great; At the time, I had stopped doing fitness and realised I had put on a decent amount of fat as well. I decided to cut down and brought fitness into my training. I never neglected the weight training, but I really got into fitness and took part in many fitness events, especially obstacle courses. I cut down to 12 stone and had a far more cut physique, with a good ratio of muscle and leanness.

Screenshot 2014-05-19 19.15.35What was your training like?

I have continually been weight training, where I will usually mix heavy compound movements such as the Deadlift, Squat and Bench press with body weight exercises like weighted pull ups and weighted press ups. Often I train with a partner and we will throw in crazy sessions to mix it up. Once we decided we wouldn’t stop until we had done 1000 press ups each. I think it took us about 1 hour! I constantly change my training to keep the body guessing and to maximising my enjoyment and challenging myself.

Fitness wise, I use an outdoor company named FitMK at Willen Lake, Milton Keynes near to me. This gives me a fantastic variety of training. It regularly includes sprints, burpees, partner drills and all done in a beautiful environment full of woodland. It’s perfect to let off steam and enjoy the countryside whilst getting extremely fit!

What was your diet like?

Screenshot 2014-05-19 19.14.07My diet is full of good quality nutrition. I will start each day with 50grams of oats, berries and egg whites. Throughout the day I will snack on rice cakes, nuts, salads and meats. I eat a lot of turkey, chicken and tuna. Main meals will often involve rice and chicken or turkey with broccoli. I have salmon once a week and 90% dark chocolate on weekends.

I always try to eat plenty of fruit and veg but have a good multivitamin once a day to cover myself, and I take extra vitamin C for the immune system as I do put my body through hard intense training sessions. I always take Fish oil in the morning, Lunch and dinner.

What supplements did you use?Screenshot 2014-05-19 19.30.33

I use whey protein pre and post training, on non-training days I take as a snack twice a day. I use Casein protein before bed. I will also take 5 grams of creatine
monohydrate post workout.
I find no supplements can out do a bad diet, however these definitely help contribute to a good solid plan for building the body I want.

How has your lifestyle changed?

Olyver Tomlinson 002My life style has changed as I find I am often feeling confident and happy in myself, and this transfers into my everyday life where I am always an extremely positive person.  I spend a huge amount of time making everyday choices based around keeping my life healthy and positive, and feel I have developed a really strong mind-set from this. People will often ask me for tips and my advice, and I spend a lot of time speaking about living a healthy lifestyle and have made a huge amount of friends, as the fitness community do tend to be an extremely positive and happy one!

Being a Police Officer on the front line, fitness can be very important as you never know when you will be called into action, and keeping fit has again helped me progress at my job. It really has taken over every part of my life!

What challenges did you face?

Oly 4As stated earlier a main challenge for me initially was to get out of my head that ‘bigger is
better’ and not go by the scales as my form of progress. I put on a lot of fat, and it took a real effort to realise that quality muscle takes time, and keeping fit and healthy is even more important than having a larger frame. Despite being nearly two stone lighter than at my biggest, training and eating properly I am now the strongest I have ever been as well as the fittest!

How do you feel about your transformation?

I feel great that I have been able to get myself into a body shape that I feel confident and proud with and I am able to put myself through high intense fitness sessions as well as heavy-duty weight training.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans in the near future are to take on a professional fitness coach to take me to the next level and look at getting into the best shape of my life and really make strides in the fitness world. I want to become a motivator for others and push myself to see how far I can go. I am hoping for a big future ahead so keep watching.


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