In the hospital with my grandma, she almost died last night. She told me“I felt like it was my time last night”.

My nan is a big Jamaican woman with diabetes. She loves condensed milk in porridge, extra salt on everything and things like that; A stickler for eating what she likes. 
She has now been told she has a dangerously high amount of potassium in her blood. (Potassium straight up stops your heart)
Did you ever see what potassium does when placed in water during the wonderful school years…? Explodes! Imagine that in your body. 

So holding my Nans hand in the hospital as she tells me what’s been happening I realised that me learning about fitness not only impacts me, but everyone around me.

As she said her Kidneys have stopped working, her tongue turned white and her throat was so sore, she couldn’t even swallow her own spit, the open wound on her leg won’t heal from an infection because of the diabetes, her random convulsions whilst trying to speak, the spaghetti of wires attached to her body, some in veins, some in arteries, some swollen beyond use as the veins collapsed on themselves.
The ones in her neck; she said are the worst, as she felt the 2 inch needle being placed in the vein, every millimetre! Taking out all your blood and cleaning it has its ups and downs.

I’ve never had someone this close to me pass on and I don’t think I’m ready for that.
It’s a weird feeling listening to someone I love unconditionally tell me they feel like this is their last day on earth. Possibly our last conversation…

I hope that with my knowledge I can help to stop this happening to other people.
My nan is dying from too much sugar. Can you imagine how crazy that sounds. Do what you wish. But I know for sure that my nan would love to just go home and play with her grandchildren, spend time with friends and see another day.

And what is stopping this? A bad diet… That is all… A bad diet.

I am not writing this for well wishing on my Nans part. What’s done is done. That’s life right 😕 But rather to inform anyone who wishes to listen. In the end, you can have everything in the world. But; your health… Your health is the most valuable possession you own and really when you think about it, one of the few things you truly own. Take care of it.

OneLove, stay blessed & keep on keeping on.


  1. I hope things work out for her. I can empathize with you. My grandmother was your typical Italian Grandmother. Food all the time… And lots of it. She was also obese and diabetic… She had oozing wounds on her swollen legs, heart and lung damage. She was close to death more times than I can count. Unfortunately, she passed on about five years ago now. It was hard, but it made me really examine my life and the way I live it. She is part of the reason I found my fitness. It’s great that you see that as well, and are finding the silver lining in a difficult time. Wish you the best.


    • Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.
      Sorry to hear about your grandma, it’s a crazy feeling.

      I have totally been smacked in the face with why fitness is important to me.
      I understand their problems, I’m pretty sure your grandmothers food was AWESOME! Lol Like any habit, it’s hard to stop. With grandmothers it’s more like tradition I guess.

      Well the hospital are really helping her. The potassium has gone down, liver function is slowly restoring so all is on the up but nether-the-less; the problem persists. Hopefully we can talk about eating habits when things calm down.

      Thanks again for your comment 😃


  2. I hope she gets better.


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