Muscle Up Challenge

So, this is the start of my calisthenics journey. Inspired by the amazing Frank Medrano & BarrStarzI NEED to get to a point where I can at least do one muscle up & a handstand on the dip bars. From here I can build on building core strength, balance & power. Fingers crossed it won’t take too long.

Going to need to buy a few bits in the mean time like some tension bands to help support my legs so I can ease in the core muscles to the movement.
Since starting yesterday, I’ve found that my wrists are really hurting. I’m going to need to invest in some sort of wrist support just in case. Can’t tell if I’m just aching or injured my wrist before starting. :S

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Watch the video here…
Progress Update 10-06-2015
View the full post is is here… Lot’s more new challenges now like the back level for instance. SUPER HARD MOVEMENT!

I had done this a while back but totally forgot to post up my results. Only when a uni friend asked if I ever achieved it, did I think to update. I think I have the first time video somewhere on my hard drive to share. I will dig it out and share when I do! Funny, the only thing I did differently was breaking down lat pull downs to micro movements. Lat pull downs from my chest to my the top of my head instead of fully extending arms. Also, I found that pulling my weight over the bar at the top of the movement was the hardest for me; so I used a dipping bar which was lower, started in the end position at the top, and let myself down as slowly as I could.

I believe this was the reason I managed to do it. 😛

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