Ashley Conrad’s – Clutch Cut


After looking around for my next new program to devour, trawling the internet, looking through all of my bookmarked links & networks, I came across this little gem. Ashley Conrad’s Clutch Cut on
From watching the intro video & a quick browse over the workout schedule, I thought… “THIS IS IT!”


Since last year, April 12th to be precise, I made some solid progress with some other programs & in between these I tried just doing my thing, finding my own macro balance & really getting a good feel for my body limits & potential progress.

HalfWay PointMy 6 month mark was nuts! My diet was on point like a needle! My macros were tight & I found the right balance of carbs. Enough to give me the strength to not commit suicide but not too much as to store any surplus as fat.

For the last 2-3 months I have admittedly fell a bit behind… Stopped training so hard, got caught up with a girl who didn’t like me going to the gym by myself??? Started eating cookies, Mc Donald’s & KFC. I know… Don’t! lol. Well… It’s all in the past now, focus mode is re-engaged so, live & learn eh… Anyhow, I digress…


So, I had my first day today. I have to say, it totally smacked me in the face… HARD! Circuits I’d never even thought were humanly possible! The stretching was great & really helped free up muscle tension from yesterdays workout. I should be doing more stretching really so, I’m glad it’s in this plan. 

The main circuit is like 15 separate exercises, one after another & only 30 seconds rest after completion of each circuit. Then repeated 6 TIMES!!! I honestly could only do 3. This is a crazy, intense & utterly unfathomable burn.
I like to keep myself composed in the gym, you know; Not the grunting type. But FOR REAL! This workout had me gasping for air like an asthmatic running from lions. lol I am actually asthmatic, no lions though. Sorry :/
I can only imagine what tomorrows cardio workout will be like…


A quick note about the nutritional side. Personally, I’m sure the plan Ashley Conrad provides is great. She obviously knows her stuff & are awesome for nutritional help & advice. But I’ve found my own little thing, so I’m going to continue with what I know works for me. HULK JUICE! You already know the deal! If not, find out what Hulk Juice is HERE.


So, enough about my views about the program. Go and check it out for yourself.

If you have never used before, make sure to download their BodySpace App. It’s unbelievable!
Allows you track every rep, workout time, rests to the second & log your progression on a platform you can keep. It’s AWESOME! Available for both Android & Apple. Cool!

As always, thanks for reading & let’s punch the next 24 hours in the face! HARD!!! #FitFam style 😛




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