How Fat Works?

For all those wanting this look. (Right) Here’s how the body does it…images-2
  1. You eat carbs. For this example, we will use cake. Pasta will do the same, just absorbs quicker. (Fat) plays a part, but really has nothing to do with the process of ‘How it’s made by the body’.
  2. The body digests this cake, causing a spike in sugar levels requiring one of the bodies super heroes ‘Mr Insulin’ to save the day.
  3. Your body first turns the carbs into glucose (a language the body can understand). The first point of call is the muscles. Stores as glycogen until full.
  4. If the muscles are full, next is the liver. If that is full guess where it goes then.
  5. Mr Insulin converts whatever is left over into fat to be stored in your already ‘fat ass’. Yummy!
  6. Now Mr Insulin has a rest, or does he? Where the sugar lifestyle has ups… It also has its downs, and you crash! Making your body do what is only natural and crave (the same) food. This is why I don’t blame people when they say “I just can’t help the cravings” because your body is only doing what is natural as a process to survive. 
  7. terumo-insulin-syringe__27277_zoomMr Insulin does this all day until you get diabetes when he says “FUCK YOU! I give up”. And he keeps his promise; Because he never comes back and is replaced by his shady cousin. Dr. Insulin, far from super… (painfully needle thin actually) lol boom boom.


As aforementioned this result can also be achieved with any carb. Sugar is obviously a carb and a bad carb at that. Pasta would have had similar fat storage result (IF) The muscle and liver stores are full up. But Mr Insulin would be a lot happier with this kind as it’s not the (fat) amount that matters in this process. It is in-fact the sugar content. Complex carbs like vegetables would keep Mr insulin in peak form. Just saying…
NOTE: If you are active, at work, go gym etc then this could be avoided. It’s simple math…

As long as you burn, more than you consume, you will lose fat. FACT! No secret..

So the moral of today’s story is (Low Fat products) are just a marketing ploy for people who have no idea of what fat is and how it is produced by the body or stored. (Which was me yesterday) Fat is not the problem… Sugar is! Carbs are! If not dealt with properly you will stay a fat b**tard looking like a mug eating your low-fat products for the rest of your days. The End. Lol

There goes my advertising deal with any main-stream branch supermarkets.

One Love


  1. This is a hysterical but easy way to explain to someone the process of weight gain. Extra props for bringing up the point of sugar/carbs are the issue… It’s unfortunate a lot of people see the reason to diet impossibly hard when all it really takes is calories in/calories out! Great post!


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