Publish Paper Review 1-Exercising and Synthesis in Muscles (Workout under the skin) by Shiv Shiv



The purpose of the review is to relay to one how muscle protein turnover is regulated in humans during strenuous physical activities and how it is affected by environmental factors, such as nature of nutrients, the natural differences between males and females, the rate of production of proteins and getting older. Strenuous activity can be classified as exercise. Furthermore, exercise can then be subdivided into resistance and non-resistance types. Exercise alters the state of your muscles which are built from proteins, so during exercise, “muscle protein synthesis” (MPS) and “muscle protein breakdown” (MPB) occur. MPS is the process by which damaged or exhausted proteins from muscles are replaced by that which is regenerated or synthesized from our biological units (cells). This is depressed by both resistance and non-resistance exercise, that temporarily inhibits protein synthesis. MPB is the degradation of proteins into polypeptides…

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