Are you an iron dickhead?

metal salad

I first got into doing weights when I was about 16. My older brothers both lifted and the added inspiration of being a fairly insecure, scrawny teenage boy motivated me to motivate my mother to pay for my gym membership. Now 23,  I’ve  been a member at a number of gyms around the UK and as anyone who has ever been to a gym will know, there is an ever present selection of gym dickheads.

Here’s my guide to making sure you’re not that guy…

Don’t wear tight sleeveless t-shirts. Not vests/singlets/’wife beaters’ – sleeveless t-shirts.
No matter what you wear this with, you look like a fool. Wife beaters are acceptable. I get it, you get hot and you want minimum clothing coverage and maybe to show your body off a little bit, but the low hanging ones that show your nipples make you an utter arse.

Don’t grunt obnoxiously…

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