Funday Monday

Thunder & Lightning has brought all the lads in from the site. Groundworkers, Brickys and Labourers tucked into a nice cosy container that smells of week old coffee & damp socks 😩
Can’t complain really… At least I’m not outside.

Got chest tonight which I’m excited about. Missed a few days training 😀 My body is screaming at me to rip some fibres quick! Felt good lifting up some breeze blocks earlier, missing those dead lifts like Alice misses wonderland.

Been thinking a lot about Uni and if I should stay on Campus or not. I’m 28 and far from a fresher on the booze partying to music I don’t even like… Sorry Jason Derulo (Pretty sure I spelt that wrong) oh well.
But on pondering I did think if I stayed on campus I can really make use of my gym time as I live only 10mins away from everything including the plunge pool. Boom!
I guess I’ll be the old guy down the hall with Who plays Stevie Wonder & Ray Charles like a boss! ‘Old boss!’ πŸ˜•

Can’t wait to get myself enrolled and all payed up, ready to start my journey from ‘Inmate to Doctor’

Stopped raining now, back to work. 😬

Peace & Love

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