Hit Record Views Today :D

74 views and rising! This definitely deserves a post.
Since starting this little venture, the blog has grown from strength to strength over the weeks. The design is almost where I would like to be, post content is beginning to fill up (which I was worried about) and I’ve got 42 followers who actually read my posts. Proper happy! So thank you for all the support in my startup. You will not be forgotten when the time comes to start some competitions when I give away goodies… I’m thinking iPod Shuffles and a pair of Nike Flyknits and maybe if all keeps growing some Nike Fuel bands

Being new to the blogging craze I was admittedly worried about starting. If I should wait until I have more posts, information and general content. I obviously do and that will come but I’m more than pleased with this response for what I have so far.

I can’t wait to write more! Any questions please ask? Won’t say no to a little inspiration.

Thanks again guys
Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 14.08.55


  1. 171 Views in one day. Best day yet. Absolutely buzzing!!!


  2. Good lord, I just reached 100 hits! So happy, this is amazing. Thanks guys


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