Nike+ Running App (Tech Review)

What is it?

Nike+ is an application for mobile devices that maps your runs, track your progress, and gives you the motivation you need to keep going. The Nike+ Running App tracks distance, pace, time and calories burned with GPS, giving you audio feedback as you run. Automatically upload to to see your runs, including your route, elevation and NikeFuel.Nike+ Running

Sharing your progress.

The social sharing is a great feature which enables you to share your run with friends, challenge them to races and get cheers along the way whilst you run.

Nike+ Progress

Here’s a great example of running with the Facebook cheers function enabled. What started off as a planned 5 mile run ended in a 12.8 mile beast all thanks to my good friends on Facebook cheering me on with this app. Till that day I had never ran that far or imagined it was possible but 2 and a half hours later I had completed the longest run ever at that time. CLICK HERE or the image above to view this run on Nike+ for yourself and see.

Music Player

Music plays a massive part in my training. Not only do you get to play your specific running playlists but there is also the function of a power song for when things get epic! So please make use of the Free Workout Music Downloads available on this blog for some new additions to your music playlist.

Counting Calories?

Having the calorie, pedometer function is great if your nutrition is on point and you know exactly how many calories you’re taking in to offset your training goals against.
Tracking your average pace wallows you to keep a handle on where and why you are improving or falling behind on your whole run total but the breakdown of sections and average pace by each mile is just awesome. This helps me understand my fatigue level and when and where I feel good vs bad.

The Nike Fuel armband is a great addition to your arsenal of fitness tools. Definitely worth a look if your serious about calories. Watch this space for review on the Nike Fuel band later this month.


In App Feedback?

Having someone talk to you and give you feedback every 0.25 miles is a great fantastic. Not only do you get support along your run but once finished you will get a message from some top athletes congratulating you on your progress and if give you trophies for beating previous records etc.


If you’re a person who likes to hit the tarmac and zone out then this may not be for you but for me, the functionality to challenge my friends on time, distance and speed is awesome as I push myself; which I may not have done otherwise.


There are a few Apps I use to track my fitness goals but the Nike+ Running App is in my top 3 with regards to awesomeness, functionality and overall good use. A definite choice for anyone who wants to run.
See you on the Tarmac

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Theone Coleman


  1. I used to use Map My Run, but this swayed my thoughts a little on the app. I’ll definitely check it out.


    • Never used it, will try it out. I have tried some others and in my opinion Nike+ hit the nail on the head. Be sure to add me and we can run together sometime. 😀 Or set a challenge… 😛


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