From Inmate: 192893 H.M.P to Theone Coleman BSc, MSc, PhD

So after a lot of thinking I’ve decided to take an alternate route.
The open Uni seems silly to train for sport degree online with no practical lessons at all.

Danielle and I were talking the other day about it when she brought up Brunel. I live 10 mins from Brunel and recently found out it’s currently the top University in for Sport Sciences at this moment.
Also they have post-graduate courses in the same field. So if I chose to, I could also obtain a Masters at the same place.
Imagine having initials after my name… Who would have thought that.
But you never know, I could do a Jim Stoppani and get a PhD, Nan always wanted to become a Doctor… She never said what kind of Doctor.

Grandma: “Gladys, My Grandson is a Doctor”
Gladys: “Bumbaclaaart…! What kind of doctor Cynthia?”
Grandma: “He’s a DOCTOR, DOCTOR….!” ~ Phone me….. “THEONE What kind of Doctor are you?
Me: “Grandma… I’m a GAINZ Doctor!”
Grandma: “….. He’s a…. gains doctor Gladys”
Gladys:Blank Look “…. He must be very rich”

Who knows what’s on the horizon? What I know now is that I have a goal, I’m putting together the plan and soon I’m gonna execute that plan and reach my destination.
It’s going to be hard work!!! Lucky for me I’ve got the bloody minerals! 

From ‘Inmate: 192893 H.M.P’ to ‘Theone Coleman BSc, MSc, PhD’ 

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