Hard Drive Failure!

In the top 3 “Worst things to happen in my life”

I am litterally heartbroken. Data recovery is £xpensive!!! And pretty hit and miss, buying a new HD for a 2008 iMac seems utterly pointless when it runs like a beaten up ford escort using Mavericks. WHY OH WHY DID I UPGRADE!!! Everything was fine until that dumb upgrade.

The only real option is to buy another mac, I never wanted an iMac again
simply for future hardware upgrade difficulty. The Mac Pro is A LOT and I don’t have that kinda money at hand so do I (a) buy another iMac £2,000 or (b) save for a Mac Pro? Either will take AGES to save for. Argh man! Today has been a bad day..


  1. MoCounselor says:


    Sorry to hear about this man, it stinks! Have you thought about a Mac Mini? I have two of them, they are infinitely more upgradeable than an iMac, significantly less money than a Mac Pro, and if you spec one out right, have plenty of horsepower (I run my DAW and home studio off of a 2013 model Mini and it never bogs or slows down, even with a ton of AU plug-ins running at once.



    • Really? I have no need for HD space as I have externals so this may be an option.
      So using Kontakt would be ok? At the moment Kontakt only allows 3 instances with Adigo Strings etc. They are 4gb libraries each so I understand but would like something more meaty to handle it as production has become a drama. Having to bounce track down to audio and basically leaves that track un-workable.

      Thabks for the info dude, I will have a little look.

      Also, managed to re-install Mavericks on the HDD and all is working again. Gonna run a backup as it is definitely failing. This has been a warning… not many get one of those. 🙂


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