Getting More Readers /Followers On Your Blog?

Like all new bloggers, if I may so bold. We would all like to see our follower count go up. Well; bloggers in general. For many reasons really… i.e. The public are benefitting from your posts, gaining knowledge, insight, motivation, inspiration etc. Or just good old entertainment depending on your blog content.

I’m pretty proud of my new blog and would love to share it with the world. Even though it’s not really up to date with pics, topics and information. I’m just starting out… It takes time right.

So… I googled “How to get more followers on wordpress?” And came across an interesting post that went something like this…

“I just started my blog tonight and am really disappointed with the fact that more people aren’t immediately following. What can I do to get readers? The blog I need help with is”

Seeing this post and feeling sorry for poor Mr blogger person, clicked the link to follow, being a good Samaritan etc and their blog had been deleted.

So 5am, before work sitting at my desk, I thought about what “makes some blogs awesome? and what makes some blogs not so awesome?”

I came to the conclusion that people… People read blogs so they are in control; I think. My epiphany moment this morning was the realisation that “if your posts are for informing, helping, motivating, entertaining or initiating great discussions it doesn’t matter how many followers you have.” Because the ones you do have are truly interested in what you’re creating.

But if your blog is about you on a quest to get followers with no care for your content then people with either (a) Feel sorry for you and follow you to make you feel better or (b) Ignore you because let’s be honest here… You sound like a cunt.

Moral of the story…

It’s not about the amount of followers one has. It makes you or your blog no better than anyone else/else’s. Hitler had millions, Jesus had 12. BOOYAA!!!


  1. You’ve got it. People read blogs for content. First you have to find a way to attract readers but then you have to get them to stay. If you’re writing interesting stuff, they’ll keep coming.

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    • It’s really interesting to practice and work on creating better content too. Not for the sake of followers, just to make better content. I still struggle with grammar but it’s cool to learn as I go. I’m so happy for my followers, even having one makes me feel like I’ve achieved something cool.

      I’m in the process of adding additional fitness authors who I study with and excited to see what comes from that.

      Thanks for your comment 😃 Have a great day, I’ll pop over to your blog when I get home from uni. 😃


  2. MoCounselor says:


    This really hit home with me man! I’d reached out to you about this exact topic and I really needed to here this. It’s funny how so much of my life is about “quality, not quantity” and yet I had failed to recognize this in my excitement for my newly-created blog!

    Good stuff man!


    • Cool dude. I was in the process of replying dude. Setting up mail has been testing my patience. :S
      I will reply later dude. I was going to mention about helping you with some graphics, logo etc if you wanted. For free obv, one blogger to another.

      Anyhow, we shall talk 🙂


  3. Strong ending there! I think I might keep that at the back of my mind for future reference 😁


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