Electro House Mix 201: Astronaut

Electro House Mix 2013 by Astronaut (30 Min)
Panda Mix Show — Episode #117
Panda Electro House Mix Show — Episode #8

Download this mix: pda.io/1ch9RYi

Broadcasted on 29th July 2013 at youtu.be/dEwvCXVa6f0
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Watch the video: pda.io/17PavZF

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Panda presents Astronaut. Hailing from Bristol, the electro duo consists of Dan and Ross. The project started last year and since then they have been working on a string of space-injected remixes as Astronaut for names such as Zomboy, Dodge & Fuski and TC.

They’re now here to present their debut EP rippling with “cosmic power from the depths of the galaxy”. Bending space and time at will, Astronaut see an array of influences from electro to disco, house to funk, all on a collision course headed for earth. Their debut Apollo EP is out now on Dodge & Fuski’s Disciple Recordings.

00:00 – Astronaut – Apollo
01:55 – Far Too Loud – Faster Than Light
03:50 – Astronaut & Eyes – Pinball
05:46 – Dodge & Fuski – Call My Name (Astronaut Remix)
07:41 – Astronaut – Supernova
09:36 – Dodge & Fuski Vs Astronaut – ???
11:32 – Millions Like Us – Heads Up (Ft. Redskin)
13:27 – Astronaut – Silver Surfer
15:23 – Zomboy – Here To Stay (Astronaut Remix)
17:18 – Far Too Loud – Light Sticks
19:13 – Disaszt – Til The Sun Comes Up
21:09 – TC – Do You Rock – (Astronaut Remix)
23:04 – The Brig – All Aboard

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